Kintyre Hunterston Link

Due to the increase in requests for connections onto the electricity network in the north of Scotland, Scottish Hydro Electric (SHE) Transmission is reinforcing the transmission system serving the Kintyre Peninsula to accommodate future output, including that from renewable generation projects.

In order to connect the new subsea electricity link with Kintyre to the network, we are constructing a new substation called Hunterston North and installing the underground cables to Ardneil Bay, where the subsea cables come ashore. The link will provide new capacity and ensure renewable energy generated in Kintyre can be transmitted to areas of demand in south and central Scotland and beyond. 

There is a strong existing electricity network at Hunterston, which makes it the most efficient point of connection for the Kintyre-Hunterson link. It has the capacity to accommodate this project and the Western Link HVDC project, which is currently under construction.

The cables installed from Ardneil Bay to Hunterston followed the same route as the Western Link cables to reduce disturbance to the community.

Work on these projects in the West Kilbride area are now complete. 

The Western Link Community Liaison Group remains in place with minutes for the meetings being found at -


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