We've accepted 140MW of flexibility bids in latest tender


We have accepted bids totalling 140MW of flexibility services following the latest round of tendering.

To meet the evolving needs of our customers and play our part in delivering government Net Zero targets, we are developing smarter, more flexible network solutions. These solutions, such as flexibility services, can defer or avoid the need for traditional reinforcement, keep customer bills as low as possible, and help deliver the changes that will significantly reduce our carbon footprint.

Flexibility involves working with customers who can control their electricity demand or how much they generate. This then helps unlock capacity in the existing infrastructure as low carbon technologies such as electric vehicles and electric heating systems connect to the network.

In the latest round of tendering, we sought to procure flexibility services across high voltage (HV), extra-high voltage (EHV) and low voltage (LV) locations for the RIIO-ED2 business plan period 2023-2028 This was the first time SPEN tendered for low voltage flexibility.

Bids were accepted across 55 sites at HV, EHV and 132kV. In central and southern Scotland, 24MW of flexible energy was secured across 10 locations at HV and EHV. In north-west England and North Wales, 113MW was secured across 12 locations at HV and EHV.

Bids for 3MW of flexibility across the full LV network were accepted at 33 locations.

Graham Campbell, Head of Whole Systems and Commercial for SP Energy Networks, said: “We’re encouraged by the responses from flexibility providers to this latest tender and thank all those who took the time to participate. The bids enable us to identify the level of flexible capacity available in areas where it could benefit the network, understand the capabilities of these resources, and assess the viability of using flexibility to meet network requirements.

“Flexibility is key to achieving smarter energy networks, reducing the need – where possible – for costly reinforcement work and giving customers the opportunity to participate in a low carbon future and benefit financially for doing so.”

Our next flexibility tender will commence at the end of April.

Customers interested in providing flexibility services can find further informaiton by clicking here or by emailing flexibility@spenergyservices.co.uk.


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