Call for generators to help boost network resilience



We are urging generators connected to the electricity network to claim thousands of pounds in funding towards mandatory hardware upgrades.

All non-domestic generation, including wind and solar, with a G59 Protection Relay that was installed prior to February 2018 must comply with new settings required for the interface protection.

Generators can apply for funding through the Accelerated Loss of Mains Change Programme (ALoMCP), a partnership between National Grid ESO, the Energy Networks Association, and Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) such as SP Energy Networks.

We are urging customers with generation connected to our distribution networks in Scotland, England and Wales to apply for funding as soon as possible.

Loss of Mains protection is there to make sure generators shut down safely when needed. Those connected to the grid before February 2018 are set at levels that mean minor network disturbances can cause them to trip off. If a power line disconnects for a few seconds, the generator at the end of the line is temporarily disconnected from the wider network. This can be unsafe and lead to damage to the generator and anything the generator is powering, such as domestic appliances.

The programme is particularly keen to hear from sites that use Rate of Change of Frequency (RoCoF) settings to help improve network resilience quickly. 

Graham Campbell, Head of Whole Systems and Commercial at SP Energy Networks, said: “We are encouraging everyone connected to our network that operates non-domestic electricity generation equipment to apply for this funding as soon as possible so that their equipment can be upgraded and we can continue to provide a safe and reliable network for everyone.

“The Accelerated Loss of Mains Change Programme is a great example of collaborative working across the electricity sector, similar to the work we are doing with counterparts on the whole system approach to transmission and distribution, ensuring our networks remain resilient and enabling the transition to a smarter, Net Zero grid in the future.”

Graham Campbell

As of January 2021, 5994 sites, equating to 10.7GW of generation capacity (enough to power 20 million homes) had their applications approved, equating to £20.2m in funding from the Programme.

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