Development of the Flexible Power portal


We are delighted to be continuing our collaborative efforts to maximise the Flexible Power portal and brand with fellow DNOs for the current and future flexibility market.

As flexibility becomes a crucial part of our 'toolkit' for managing our electricity network, we are proud to be collaborating with other Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) on the continued development of the Flexible Power brand and portal - a platform designed to provide us with the ability to simply and readily utilise the flexibility contracts we have; from scheduling resources, to dispatching services and settling any monies due. 

Flexible Power portal view
Flexible Power portal screen shot

The platform was created as a direct response to customer feedback calling for a simpler way to engage in the distribution flexibility services market, and enables a more streamlined process between flexibility providers and multiple DNOs by avoiding the complexities and resource intensity associated with liaising with numerous network operators. 

Following its official launch last year, we have been utilising the Flexible Power portal to dispatch services, and see it as a crucial part of our flexibility services offering. We are continuing to work in partnership with Western Power Distribution, Northern Powergrid, Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks, and now Electricity North West, to further develop the Flexible Power brand and the portal functionality to enable interface capability with other flexibility platforms - in turn enabling more market participation options for providers.

Our Head of Whole Systems & Commercial, Graham Campbell, said: "The flexibility market is developing at pace and swiftly moving towards becoming a business-as-usual practice across our industry, as it's a clear means of maximising our network potential. However, as an emerging market, we recognise the challenges new entrants face. That's why we were delighted to join forces with the other UK DNOs to launch the Flexible Power platform last year, to help streamline the process for providers and ensure consistency across the market. I'm equally as pleased to see another DNO coming on board in what is truly a collaborative effort to remove barriers for market participants and provide easier access to flexibility opportunities across the UK. 

"As we shift our focus to the green economic recovery and our continued efforts to help the UK, Scottish and Welsh Governments achieve their ambitious net zero carbon targets, finding smarter and more agile ways to manage our network is ever more critical, and Flexible Power is allowing us to do just that." 

We have also recently launched our 2021 spring flexibility tender, where we are seeking 1.4GW of flexibility services across our SP Distribution and SP Manweb license areas. Find out more about the live tender and our wider approach to flexibility, including our roadmap: SP Energy Networks Flexibility Services.

And catch up on Graham's latest blog: "Why we need a flexible future" 


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