£43,000 awarded to boost STEM education in more than 50 schools



STEM fundingForth Valley College has used funding from our Green Economy Fund to boost STEM education in more than 50 schools across Fife, West Lothian, and Edinburgh and help with online learning while schools are closed due to Covid19 restrictions.

The project was awarded over £43,000 from the Green Economy Fund and involves a combination of approaches to facilitate STEM learning effectively, efficiently, and remotely. This includes; the development of innovative online materials, knowledge exchange events from industry experts and providing opportunities for collaboration between education, business, and other key stakeholders.

The online learning resources are available to all schools across Scotland who request access from the college – and so far, more than 50 schools have signed up to benefit from Forth Valley College’s online STEM resources. More than 300 pupils now have access to a range of worksheets, explanation videos, creative activities and many other useful assets that will help ensure they continue to receive the best education during this challenging time.

Forth Valley College has been working hard to provide a more diverse way of teaching and learning, following the introduction of COVID-19 restrictions. During Scotland’s first lockdown, STEM boxes were prepared and sent out to schools to partake in a series of experiments and the College is now in the process of creating a Microsoft Teams page for teachers to access STEM information remotely.

The development of this project has cemented key industry partnerships for the college, positioning them at the forefront of STEM training for the future renewables and energy efficiency workforce in Scotland.

Mhairi Hay, Director of Curriculum for Engineering and Science at Forth Valley College, said: “We can’t thank SP Energy Networks enough for the very generous grant we received. It has allowed us to support teachers and students during these unprecedented times with STEM home learning. We are confident this training will help inspire and encourage the next generation of STEM professionals in Scotland.”

Frank Mitchell, Chief Executive of SP Energy Networks, said: “When establishing the Green Economy Fund, it was clear that delivering the clean energy transition in our communities would require a future workforce with the right skills, that’s why education plays a vital role in the move to a low carbon economy.  It’s incredible to see Forth Valley College supporting so many schools by providing opportunities for skills development within the STEM sector. We’re delighted to contribute to the success of this project and help power the next generation of green energy experts.”

For schools to sign up to gain access to the Forth Valley College online STEM hub please email Fiona.Jackson@forthvalley.ac.uk or Kerstin.doig@forthvalley.ac.uk.

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