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Hawick drives forward as Teviot Electric Car Club launches


Today, Teviot Electric Car Club (TECC) launches a brand new community car club in Hawick. Introducing two all-electric vehicles to the community, both the Nissan Leaf and BMW i3 are ready to go, giving the local community easy, affordable access to low-carbon electric vehicles for the first time. The project has received funding as part of SP Energy Networks’ £20 million Green Economy Fund, as well as the support of Transport Scotland who are providing four public charging bays in Mart Street in addition to the car club charge points.

In a bid to improve transport links within Hawick, the community car club will provide transport solutions for those needing a car to be able to attend medical appointments, job interviews and even doing the weekly shopping; offering a less expensive, low-carbon and more versatile alternative to current public transport provision. Any good driver aged 21 or over will be able to become a member of the car club and book a car when they need it, driving away quietly and without any exhaust fumes.

SP Energy Networks funded this project as part of its £20 million Green Economy Fund, which supports the ambitious green targets of the Scottish Government to meet climate change targets, boost local economic growth, improve air quality across the country and deliver a better future, quicker.

John Lamont MP said: “I’m thrilled that Hawick will see the introduction of Teviot Electric Car Club as it will hugely benefit the community. This will give people in rural areas flexible access to a vehicle when they need it most while simultaneously reducing harmful emissions and improving Hawick’s air quality.”

Andy Maybury of Teviot Electric Car Club, said: “We are delighted to be launching the new Electric Vehicle Community Car Club in Hawick. Our vehicles are award-winning, easy to drive and are a healthy alternative to petrol or diesel cars. Thanks to the huge support of SP Energy Networks’ Green Economy Fund, this service is making driving affordable, convenient and environmentally friendly.”

Ian Johnston, District General Manager, Edinburgh and Borders at SP Energy Networks, said: “The Community Car Club is an excellent example of a project that will greatly benefit Hawick and we’re proud to be a part of it. This co-operative will have such a positive impact on the community by both meeting the need for less expensive travel and simultaneously helping to tackle climate change.”

Teviot Electric Car Club vehicles will be available at Mart Street car park, Hawick. For more information on the services and to book a vehicle, please visit the Teviot website or phone the Car Club Manager on 07399 486002.

So far, 33 projects have been awarded funding from SP Energy Networks across Central and Southern Scotland. To find out more about the Green Economy Fund and the projects it supports, please visit the Green Economy Fund

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