Our work with Welsh Government on UK first integrated energy grid for Net Zero


We are working with the Welsh Government and other energy network operators on a strategic approach to develop an integrated low carbon energy grid. 

Delivering on Net Zero targets will require rapid transformation of our energy system to enable the decarbonisation of home heating, transport and industry. 

We are the heart of this work, along with our fellow energy network operators, responsible for connecting homes and buildings with electricity and gas. 

The Welsh Government is working closely with Wales' electricity and gas network operators to make sure their networks can support the energy systems' transformation the Committee on Climate Change says is necessary by 2030. 

The Welsh Government believes a planned approach is best suited to developing networks that meet the future needs of places and people and provide the best long-term value for society. 

Wales aims to be the first country to have a joint approach to developing its gas and electricity networks. 

To do this the Welsh Government is leading the development of a strategic plan for the future energy grid to 2050. This work will gather and assess evidence, consider scenarios, and advise on short-term 'low regret' actions that can be taken immediately. 

Wales' Minister for Climate Change, Julie James, said: "I am delighted to announce that all the energy network operators in Wales, and Ofgem, have agreed to work with us to develop what we believe is a UK first - an integrated, long-term plan for gas and electricity networks in Wales. 

"Developing and delivering infrastructure plans is a long-term process. However, the climate emergency means we must move as quickly as possible. We need to get this right, as it will be a once-in-a-century change to our infrastructure. We will of course need to involve all sectors in this, and I am committed to doing this as the work develops." 

Frank Mitchell, CEO at SP Energy Networks, said: "We're committed to working with the Welsh Government and our other network operators to deliver a network ready for Net Zero. 

That's why we're looking to invest £650m in the electricity distribution network in Wales from 2023 to 2028, supporting hundreds of green jobs and enabling the decarbonisation of heat and transport that is absolutely crucial to deliver Wales' climate change targets." 


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