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SPEN Begins Next Phase Of Reinforcement To Facilitate new St. James Quarter


SP Energy Networks is to begin the next phase of a project to install a major new substation in Edinburgh that will allow for the demolition and future construction of the new St James Quarter.

Over the coming weeks, work is required on Leith Street and the junction of Broughton Street / York Place in order to provide a new electricity substation at this location.

The company will be working in Leith Street from 21st September until the 27th November 2015 and Broughton Street/York Place from 28th September until the 9th November 2015. SP Energy Networks is working closely with Edinburgh City Council to manage the impact of works in the area and all efforts are being made to keep traffic flowing and full diversionary routes will be sign posted for the duration of the project.

Mark Everett, SP Energy Networks Head of Delivery, said: “This is an important next phase in the project to ensure that the Edinburgh St James regeneration will have the required electricity connections in place. We have been working with Edinburgh City Council to implement traffic management plans, and everything possible has been done to keep any disruption to a minimum. This project is designed to bring long-term benefits to the City, and we apologise for any inconvenience this work may cause in the short term.”


Scope of works

The scope of the SP Energy Networks electricity mains reinforcement works extends from the John Lewis goods entrance on Leith Street southwards to Little King Street, and from the junction of Little King Street, Picardy Place, and Cathedral Lane across York Place to Broughton Street.

Extent of works

Leith Street:

  • SP Energy Networks are to lay ducts down Leith Street between the dates of 21st September until the 27th November 2015.
  • SP Energy Networks will lay 15 ducts consisting of 11kV circuits and pilot (telecoms) cables.
  • Enabling works to remove centre reserves will consist of off side lane closures where no pedestrian movements or facilities will be affected. No bus stops are affected by these works and no loading or waiting restrictions are required.
  • The enabling works will require general traffic to utilise the southbound bus lane however for the duration of both the enabling and main works.
  • Once the main works start both northbound and southbound bus stops between Greenside Lane and Picardy Place roundabout will need to be suspended, as will the loading bay on the northbound carriageway.
  • The pedestrian crossing on Leith Street at the corner of Greenside Lane will be closed and pedestrians redirected to the crossing opposite Little King Street.
  • The right turn from Leith Street into Greenside Row will require suspension as will the right turn from Greenside Row into Leith Street; diversions are shown on the drawings.
  • Egress from Little King Street onto Leith Street will be prohibited. Access will be from the lane in front of the cathedral and egress via Cathedral Lane.

Broughton Street / York Place:

  • SP Energy Networks are to lay ducts across the junction from Broughton Street towards Cathedral Lane between the dates of 28th September until the 9th November 2015.
  • SP Energy Networks will lay 8 ducts consisting of 33kV cables and pilot (telecoms) cables with 1 security (spare) duct at a suitable depth to accommodate future tram development, negating the need for SP Energy Networks to carry out a road excavation in the future.
  • No right turn from York Place into Broughton Street (effectively a northbound closure although the left turn from York Place into Broughton Street northbound can be maintained.
  • Any loading on York Place eastbound between Elder Street and Broughton Street will be suspended.
  • Any loading on Broughton Street southbound between Broughton Street Lane and York Place will require suspension to facilitate the single lane entry onto York Place.
  • There will be a requirement to close the pedestrian crossing between the central island and Picardy Place.

Signage and signals

Advance signage is in place to advise drivers of the impending works, and the necessary adjustments to traffic signal arrangements will be put in place to minimise disruption.

Further information

Morrison (contractor) is to carry out this electricity mains reinforcement works on behalf of SP Energy Networks. Work will be carried out seven days a week utilising extended working hours where appropriate. Members of the supervisory staff of SP Energy Networks and Morrison have advised residents and businesses in the immediate area of their intentions. If, during the works, there is any reason to deviate from the intended route or timeframes, all residents and businesses will be kept informed by letter drop as soon as practicable once alternative arrangements have been agreed by all stakeholders.

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