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SP Energy Networks offers North Wales residents advice on staying safe during Storm Callum


Electricity distributor SP Energy Networks has today issued power cut safety advice as forecasters warn of forthcoming Storm Callum, with heavy rain and potential flooding in North Wales forecasted.

Although power cuts are a rare event for most people, SP Energy Networks is encouraging people to prepare for the unlikely event of power loss and to be aware of the dangers if water enters their homes or businesses.

The Met Office has issued Wales with an Amber Weather Warning for rain for much of Friday and Saturday.

Stephen Stewart, Director at SP Energy Networks, outlined what North Wales residents should do in the event of a power cut during a flood, as well as giving his top tips on preparing for an emergency power situation.

He said: “We are closely monitoring Storm Callum as it approaches, including analysis of our own detailed localised forecasts.  Wind speeds are predicted to be high, and spells of heavy rain will also mean that the ground will be saturated, increasing the risk of flooding. Preparations are well underway to ensure we have engineers and equipment and customer care teams on hand to respond to faults should they come in.

“Even though power cuts are rare events for most people, during times of heavy rain and flooding they become more likely. We have a team of engineers on hand 24/7 who will come out to your area to fix any power outages, but the sooner we know about it the better. You can report any power outages to us by calling the emergency hotline 105 or 0800 001 5400.”

Stephen’s top tips for being prepared in the event of water entering a home or business as a result of flood:

  • Turn off electricity supply – if water is about to enter your property, turn off your electricity supply via your isolator switch or fuse unit, but only if it is safe to do so.
  • Once electricity is turned off, avoid touching electrical items – do not touch any electrical appliances, cables or equipment whilst you are standing in flood water. Additionally, do not touch any electrical appliances, cables or equipment that has been immersed in flood water.
  • Keep away from your electricity meter – If your electricity meter has been under water, please keep away from the equipment and contact us on 105.
  • Contact us on our emergency number – If your fuses or trip switches have not operated and your electricity supply is off due to flooding, please contact us.
  • Join the priority services register – if electricity is crucial to your health (for instance, if you use medical equipment at home) or you have a child aged five or under, ask to be included on our Priority Services Register by calling 0330 1010 167. If your power is off, we can make sure you are supported.

For more information on what to do in the event of a power emergency during a flood, visit In the event of a power cut call 0800 001 5400 or the new national 105 helpline to report the problem and receive help as soon possible.

Notes to Editors

SP Energy Networks:

  • SP Energy Networks (SPEN) is the licensed Electricity Distributor (DNO) for Central & Southern Scotland and for Merseyside, Cheshire, North Wales and North Shropshire. We have 30,000 substations (one substation for every 100 customers), 40,000km overhead lines (once around the globe), and 70,000km underground cables.
  • SPEN also operates the Transmission Network in Central and Southern Scotland. They take electricity generated from power stations, windfarms and various other utilities and transport it through their vast transmission network, consisting of over 4000 kilometres of overhead and 320 kilometres of underground lines. They have 129 transmission substations in their network that help us to manage extra high voltage electricity supplies.
  • From 2015 to 2023 SP Energy Networks plans to invest approximately £5 billion into the electricity network. To keep power supplies on the company currently manages over 110,000km of power cables and 30,000 substations across their network area.

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