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We're extending our contract with HYPE Innovation to drive big ideas in 2020


Following a successful trial with HYPE Innovation’s software over the last few months, we have extended our contract with them to continue to drive innovation that’s accessible across our business regardless of our people’s roles or locations.

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As part of our internal ‘Year of Innovation’ initiative, the HYPE software formed our iHUB innovation platform which has launched six campaigns since August 2019 to meet real business challenges. Helping to shape the future of the business and continually improving services for customers, these campaigns produced a variety of ideas - from suggestions to reduce the risk of power cuts, to enhancements to interactions with customers.

iHUB provided us with an easy to navigate platform, enabling staff across the business to volunteer ideas, and to get involved in the development and roll out of those being progressed to trial or business as usual roll-out.

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Colin Taylor, our Director of Processes & Technology, said: “Since we launched iHUB earlier in the year, we’ve been able to give our employees an easy way to get involved in finding real business solutions, and HYPE Innovation has been a great partner – supporting introduction of the platform and getting us to think more about the stages involved in idea creation.

"The extension of the contract with them enables us to continue to drive a culture of innovation in our business and allows us to find solutions that will shape our future plans and ultimately improve the service and network resilience for our customers."

Colin Nelson, Chief Consulting Officer at HYPE Innovation, said: “SP Energy Networks has a workforce brimming with ideas, and our process and software have ensured that they have a simple and engaging way to share and build new creative solutions. The iHUB created for SP Energy Networks has supported a wide range of ideas coming to fruition since August and by extending the contract into 2020 we’re excited to see what can be achieved."

We’re excited to see innovation thrive across the business in 2020!

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