Audio Transcript: Introduction to the Electricity Network Capacity Map

The text below is the transcript from the Introduction to the Electricity Network Capacity Map video. An audio-described version of the video is also available.

We are proud to present the Low Voltage Network Capacity Heatmap in the ConnectMore tool. This covers Merseyside, Cheshire, North Shropshire, North & Mid Wales – the MANWEB license area covered by SP Energy Networks. 

The heatmap provides modelled analysis of connection capacity on the low voltage network. Modelled capacity is based on the assets loading or demand compared to its rating or maximum capacity. This is the same methodology used by SP Energy Networks connection engineers when undertaking the first assessments of the network after a connection request is received.

Once you have navigated into the LV Network Capacity Heatmap you can access a specific asset’s data by clicking on it.

For a transformer, the tool will display in the right-hand panel: the substation ID, the transformer’s rating, and an indicative assessment of its capacity. (Circle or zoom in on this information)

For each segment of a line or a cable, similar data is also available. (Circle or zoom in on this information)

The Red, Amber or Green status of assets is based on their modelled capacity, to give a visual indication of the relative ease and cost of connection.

The ‘Electricity Network Capacity’ legend is always visible at the top of the sidebar when the heatmap is selected (Either circle or zoom in on it). If analysis indicates there is capacity available for a connection, assets are shown in green as opposed to amber and red, which indicates limited or no spare capacity is currently available without reinforcement. A very small number of assets are also shown in grey, indicating network data is not accessible. The number of grey assets will reduce as more data is made available.

To get an indication of available network capacities, you can test different connection sizes. 

In the panel on the right-hand side of the screen you can select a capacity size to connect

The tool defaults to 25kVA but if you are interested in a bigger connection this can be changed by clicking on different options.

Varying the connection size options may change whether the proposed new connection can be accommodated.  This is because the ‘capacity for connection’ rating of an asset is calculated based on its modelled capacity and the size of the connection being assessed. The colour of the asset on the map may change and the asset capacity rating in the asset data information could alter too, depending on whether the network would be able to accommodate the connection size requested.

This feature may be of particular interest to you if you can be flexible about your connection size or location.

It could be that, for example, a 100kVA connection at a specific location would require network reinforcement but a slightly smaller 75kVA connection would show capacity is available on the network.



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