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Audio Transcript: There for our customers: Our Coronavirus response in action

The text below is the transcript from the There for our customers: Our Coronavirus response in action video.

Video Title: There for our customers: Our Coronavirus response in action

My responsibility is to, in essence, keep the lights on within the Wirral District.

We operate and maintain the electricity network and ensure it continues to flow 24/7.

Things are very different for my entire team at the moment. Firstly, from an office point of view.

We have established a virtual office where everyone is working from home.

We are using IT solutions that we probably haven’t used and exercised before but are working really well.

From a field staff point of view, things are vastly different out there.

We are only undertaking essential works right now.

We’ve given our people in the field separate vans to ensure that they comply with the 2-metre rule.

In doing that it means we provide electricity to our local communities and cities to ensure that public sector services, like hospitals that need electricity consistently 24/7 are getting that service.

I’d like to reassure our customers that the lights will stay on.

We’ve got a resilient network in SP Energy Networks.

If there is an emergency or there is a power cut, I’d recommend customers call 105.

When you call 105, you will be put through to SP Energy Networks call centre who will deploy engineers to site to rectify the situation.



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