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Load activity is related to the development of the electricity network to allow it to accommodate changes to electricity usage, the connection of new generation, the closure of power stations and ensuring that the network operates to the standards set by Ofgem which we are obliged to follow.

As we move into the RIIO-T2 period, the electricity network will need to adapt in many ways to facilitate the decarbonisation changes in the wider energy system.  We expect to see greater amounts of renewable generation connecting in the form of on-shore and off-shore wind farms, solar photovoltaics and a range of other technologies. We are also expecting the closure of the nuclear generation stations in our area over the next 12 years which will lead to many changes. 

The way that consumers use electricity is also changing as more customers use electric vehicles which will be dependent on the transmission network to move power around the country to link the available generation with the demands on the network.

Martin Hill

RIIO-T2 Load Investment Manager

Load related activity

Our RIIO-T2 Business Plan will set out the needs of the future transmission network to accommodate the transition to a low carbon energy system. Our plans seek to accommodate the needs of all supply and demand customers, help facilitate overarching decarbonisation objectives and target investments only where needed to keep costs as low as possible for all end-users.

Consultations and Publications

In the autumn of 2018 we ran a consultation  using a scenario based approach to help us understand the future evolution of energy supply and demand on our network through RIIO-T2 and beyond. This consultation used the four National Grid 2018 Future Energy Scenarios, running from 2017 to 2040, as its starting point.

As part of the consultation on our RIIO-T2 planning scenarios (which closed on the 12th October 2018) we hosted a webinar to provide an overview of our scenarios and planning assumptions. We also used the session to allow attendees to ask us and our consultants, Baringa and Element Energy, any questions they may have ahead of submitting a response to the consultation questions.

Thank you once again to those who took part in the webinar.  For those of you who missed the live version, we have recorded the webinar for you to view in your own time.

To inform our RIIO-T2 business planning we have also looked at changes in energy consumption, focusing on electricity consumption, generation and transfers between 2010 – 2017. We have used this understanding to draw out issues and conclusions that may need to be addressed within the RIIO-T2 price review period. 

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