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Managing Asset & Network Risk Stakeholder Consultation

We would like to hear from you regarding the methodology we use for assessing our existing transmission assets as well as how we apply this methodology to our investment planning in RIIO-T2 through the consultation questions below. Your feedback will help to shape the business case we put to Ofgem in terms of predicting future costs and the associated funding we require to maintain a safe and reliable network for 2021 to 2026 and beyond.

1. Do you agree with our approach to building an investment plan to manage asset risk by using our detailed knowledge of the condition of our assets?

2. Have we adequately identified the issues that affect our assets and the types of interventions that we should consider?

3. Do you agree with our first guiding principle that we should not intervene on assets which are in good condition, even if the size of the risk benefit that would result is large compared to other assets?

4. Do you agree with our second guiding principle that we should intervene on assets where necessary to ensure safety and good quality of service to all our consumers, even if the size of the risk value is small compared to other assets?

5. Have we identified all of the factors that determine which interventions should be in our investment plan? Have we given adequate consideration to these factors?

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