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Emergency Numbers

In the event of a power cut, use our postcode lookup for information or call us on the following numbers:

Central & Southern Scotland

From a landline:

0800 092 9290

From a mobile phone:

0330 101 0222


Cheshire, Merseyside, North Wales & North Shropshire

From a landline:

0800 001 5400

From a mobile phone:

0330 1010 400

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Connecting to our network? Come & see us at the Ideal Homes Show!

Looking to connect to our electricity network? Connect with our people on stand H233


£3 Million Investment to Boost Power Supplies in Chester

SP Energy Networks is investing £3.1 million to improve the reliability of electricity supplies in the east of Chester


£150M Investment in Central & Fife Energy Network

SP Energy Networks, which owns and manages the network of cables and power lines for Central and Fife, has announced plans...

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Prioritising Customers

Promoting our Priority Register

Prioritising Customers

Promoting our Priority Register

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Biking to work

I had been wondering about the state of the art and technological maturity of the electric bicycle for a few years. By the way, “hybrid” would be a better name than “electric”, because it combines the capacity provided by the electric engine with the ...

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