Live Working Manual

The ScottishPower Safety Rules and support documentation is provided to ensure that work can be undertaken safely on or near ScottishPower’s electrical and mechanical equipment.

They are published for a target audience of third party companies with staff authorised to ScottishPower Safety Rules, Distribution Network Operators and Generator Operators.

Click a column header to sort the items in alphanumerical order by a particular column. All documents are in PDF format.

Document Issue Document Title Date
DOC-00-236 Issue 6 Live Working Manual - Document Index 2013-09-03
OPSAF-01-003 Issue 3 Live Working Manual - Foreword 2013-09-03
OPSAF-01-001 Issue 4 Policy for Live Work on System 2013-09-03
OPSAF-12-002 Issue 4 Issue of Live Working Manual 2013-09-03
OPSAF-13-002 Issue 4 Training and Authorisation for Work on Live Apparatus 2013-09-03
OPSAF-12-003 Issue B Operation of LV System 2013-09-03
OPSAF-12-004 Issue 5 Operation of HV System up to and including 33kV 2013-09-03
OPSAF-12-005 Issue 2 Use of Approved Voltage Indicators (HV) and Capacitive Phasing-out Devices 2013-09-03
OPSAF-12-006 Issue 3 Connection of Mobile Generation in Parallel with the Distribution System 2013-09-03
OPSAF-12-060 Issue 1 Procedure for Fitting Fault Passage Indicators on 33kV Conductors - Hot Stick Method 2013-09-03
OPSAF-12-061 Issue 1 Low Voltage Mains / Service Continuity and Polarity Testing 2013-09-03
OPSAF-12-007 Issue 6 Substation Distribution Boards and Network Pillars 2013-09-03
OPSAF-12-008 Issue B Substation Batteries 2013-09-03
OPSAF-12-009 Issue 3 Control and Protection Systems 2013-09-03
OPSAF-12-010 Issue A Current Transformers (CTs) 2013-09-03
OPSAF-12-011 Issue 6 LWM Low Voltage Cable Jointing 2013-09-03
OPSAF-12-013 Issue 5 LV Overhead Lines 2013-09-03
OPSAF-12-014 Issue 4 Work on Overhead Lines - Hot Stick Method 2013-09-03
OPSAF-12-062 Issue 1 Installation of a High Level Operating Handle (Short Stick Method) 2013-09-03
OPSAF-12-015 Issue 3 HV Rubber Glove Working 2013-09-03
OPSAF-12-016 Issue 2 HV Long Stick Working 2013-09-03
OPSAF-12-017 Issue 4 Erection of Poles into Live HV (11kV and below) and LV Overhead Lines 2013-09-03
OPSAF-12-018 Issue 4 Working on Trees Adjacent to Live Overhead Lines 2013-09-03
OPSAF-12-019 Issue 2 Mirror Inspection Procedure Short Stick Method for Live HV Overhead Lines 2013-09-03
OPSAF-12-020 Issue 2 Testing PTE Earthing 2013-09-03
OPSAF-12-021 Issue 4 Work on Service Terminations 2013-09-03
OPSAF-12-022 Issue 3 Single Phase Meter Change 2013-09-03
OPSAF-12-023 Issue 4 Current Transformers (CT) Operated Meter Changes 2013-09-03
OPSAF-12-024 Issue 7 Approval of Equipment for Live Working or Testing 2013-09-03
OPSAF-12-025 Issue 5 Rubber Gloves for Electrical Purposes 2013-09-03
OPSAF-12-026 Issue 3 Portable Electrical Apparatus 2013-09-03
OPSAF-12-027 Issue 1 Approved Equipment for HV Rubber Glove Working 2013-09-03
OPSAF-12-028 Issue 2 Inspecting and Testing of Insulated Rods 2013-09-03