Need a little extra help during a power cut?

Power cuts and emergencies are rare but when they occur we're on hand to help. To protect our most vulnerable customers we have a Priority Register. You can be included on our register if you are dependent on medical  equipment, chronically sick, disabled or have some other special needs you would like us to consider.

Being on our register wont necessarily mean we can restore your power more quickly, however we will try to contact you if we know of a problem in your area. 

You can sign up for the Priority Services Register online, by calling us on 0330 10 10 444 or by completing a Priority Services registration form.

Like your details to be removed from the Priority Services Register? Not a problem, simply contact us on 0330 10 10 444 and we will see to your request.


If you want extra security, we can agree a password with you. We will then use this password if we need to call on you.

Any member of our staff who has to visit your home will also have to give this password to prove they are genuine. If you are ever in any doubt, don't let the person in.

To set up your personal password, please include the request on the above form or you can also call us on 0330 1010 444.


We have a wide range of leaflets available here that have lots of useful information including; helpful advice during a power cut and how to prepare for a power cut.  Our leaflets are also available in braille and large print by contacting