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SPEN promoting safety at the Anglesey Agricultural Show



The number of power-related incidents in the farming community in North Wales, Cheshire and Merseyside has increased to a four-year high, new data has revealed.

There were 206 power-related incidents on farms and farmland in the region in 2016 – a rate of four a week and an increase of 5% on 2015.

This included 36 incidents where tipper trucks, cranes or machinery came into contact with overhead power lines. Such collisions can have devastating consequences, resulting in life-changing or even fatal injuries.

We are working hard to prevent such incidents by raising awareness amongst the agricultural community and we're hosting an interactive display at this year’s Anglesey Agricultural Show, which takes place in Anglesey on August 15 and 16.

Visitors can hear simple advice on how to keep safe on the job around power lines and will be offered a chance to explore farm electrical safety in a novel way using Virtual Reality headsets. There will also be a fun interactive Kidzone for local families.

We'll be giving youngsters the chance to take part in skills coaching with players from RGC through our partnership with Welsh Rugby Union. There will be activity for adults too, with farmers being given the chance to put their rugby talents to the test in a 5-a-side tag rugby tournament, playing against other rugby enthusiasts in the area.

We have unparalleled insight into electrical safety. As the manager and maintainer of underground cable and overhead lines, we supply electricity to customers across Central and Southern Scotland, North Wales, Cheshire, North Shropshire and Merseyside. If an emergency situation does occur, farmers are advised to keep people and livestock away from the power lines and to contact our 24-hour hotline number by calling 105 to report the emergency.

Gary Evans, Health & Safety Manager at SP Energy Networks, said: “We have collected evidence from across the North Wales, Cheshire and Merseyside area and discovered that amongst the agricultural community, the number of power-related incidents is at a four-year high. In a bid to raise awareness amongst the community of the risks associated with power lines, we have created an interactive exhibition at the Anglesey Show. We hope we can help workers to be more informed of the risks and help them to stay safe.”

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