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Are you interested in partnering on our heat innovation project?


SP Energy Networks call for retail and service partners.

In our development of a Network Innovation Competition funding bid, we are calling for electricity retail and heat-as-a-service partners to support our heat innovation project.

The project, which will include a large-scale trial of solutions to mitigate the impact of the electrification of heat on the electricity network, will look at utilising flexibility to shift electricity consumption away from times when the network is congested, whilst maintaining comfort for households.

We are seeking retail or service partners who could support delivery of the project trial by developing business models and customer propositions such as:

  • Network time of use price signals flow directly to the customer
  • Price signals flow to aggregators, who in turn develop a proposition for the customer
  • A service provider delivers heat / comfort to the customer, with the service provider acting on network price signals, or alternatively on network constraint instructions

The successful applicant(s) would become partners on the full bid, due to be submitted in July 2020 (covering their own costs of support). 

We would request interested parties submit a formal expression of interest by 20 March 2020. This should be submitted by email to and as a  minimum, should address the following points:

  1. Can you provide a variable time of use tariff (half-hourly)?
  2. Are you able to pass through variable time of use network charges in the tariff?
  3. What is your existing customer base in the SP Distribution network area in central and southern Scotland?
  4. Are you able to provide smart controls to manage customer heat assets?
  5. Would you consider provision of thermal stores within customer properties to facilitate flexible heat demand?
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