COP26: Adapting to a decarbonised future


A blog by Rachel Donoghue, COP26 Programme Manager, SP Energy Networks

COP26 gives us all a point in time, to stop and reflect on what we do today, but also on what we will do tomorrow and into the future. We all need to adapt and enter this exciting chapter in energy with a conscience and a focus on the environment and our planet!

In preparation for COP26 we’re working to ensure the electricity network is as resilient as possible. This means preparing and delivering a programme of work to inspect and protect our assets, as well as increasing the levels of system automation and telemetry to support a successful COP event.

As principal partner to COP26 as well as a critical service provider we need to ensure security clearance for operational response staff working within what will be UN territory, and there’s a complexity around how we work with government security, police, the host venue and other utilities to prepare for any emergencies.

As well as providing additional power for COP26 at the SEC we are working with a wide range of customers to understand their plans and ambitions to develop low carbon solutions for them.

Some of these solutions include the electrification of transport; we are working with GCC on a number of projects  including EV taxi charging at Newton Street in Glasgow, as well as projects for First Bus, Police Scotland and other blue light services. We are even installing a Net Zero substation using low emission oils, concrete and other materials to minimise the impact on the environment.

Underpinning all of this is a drive to provide a legacy for Glasgow and Scotland by creating more network capacity from renewable sources and planning for a Net Zero future. We are looking for opportunities to support new development and decarbonisation.

Despite the hard work needed to minimise disruption to the electricity network, there is a huge opportunity for us to demonstrate our Net Zero ambitions and the work we are doing to decarbonise transport, heat, energy and industry.

I’m really proud of what we do here at SP Energy Networks and the part we are playing in helping to deliver a cleaner, greener future for everyone.

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