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Dumyat Hill Path Restoration


SP Energy Networks is undertaking works to sensitively restore the existing Dumyat Hill and Cocksburn Reservoir Paths.  This project will employ established upland path techniques to create a naturally formed route allowing areas of erosion to organically regenerate.

The works will form an entirely natural upland path developed in soil and stone pitching which will follow closely the currently used route. This will help to prevent further severe erosion which would only continue to deteriorate without intervention. The aim is not to create a formal path but to replicate the existing path using the same materials in a form that will support ever increasing users and user groups visiting the area.

An example of similar work and what we hope to achieve is shown on the image below.

A spokesperson for SP Energy Networks said: “SP Energy Networks is undertaking works to sensitively restore the existing Dumyat Hill and Cocksburn Reservoir Paths. This project was agreed as part of the Beauly to Denny mitigation works.  The work will take approximately 12 weeks to complete. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and we thank the local community and general public for their patience and cooperation during this period. When completed we hope there will be a significant benefit to the community and members of the public who visit the location.”

Our contractors on site will be happy to discuss the techniques being employed for those people who are visiting while the work is taking place.

Our response to the COVID-19 outbreak

As an electricity network operator, we understand that our services are crucial to the lives of millions of families, businesses and communities across our network areas. That’s why it’s so important we’re prepared for any eventuality.

We want to reassure our customers, stakeholders and those we work with that we have robust, well-practiced contingency plans in place to make sure our resilient network continues to deliver services during any challenging times. 

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Our RIIO-T2 Business Plan

Our RIIO-T2 Business Plan offers a practical road map toward a cleaner, greener and healthier Britain.

Within our plan and the supporting annexes published, you can find out exactly how we’ll facilitate Scotland and Britain's transition to Net Zero by 2045 and 2050 respectively. We are excited to share our investment proposals and strategies with you as we submit them to Ofgem.

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Zero Carbon Communities

We're committed to playing a leading role in the fight against climate change.

We've launched Zero Carbon Communities, an initiative to help and guide communities along the path to Net Zero. Zero Carbon Communities aims to develop a unique roadmap to help local communities understand the steps they have to take to manage the Net Zero transition successfully.

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