We welcome draft strategy for Edinburgh to become Net Zero capital by 2030


Electric_Car_EdiWe welcome a new draft strategy which has been published by the City of Edinburgh Council outlining its approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

New plans are being considered by councillors to tackle climate change in Scotland’s capital, calling on residents, community groups and private, public and third sector organisations to work collaboratively to achieve the city’s ambitious climate goals.

The Draft 2030 Climate Strategy sets a series of clear and practical steps Edinburgh will take to combat and adapt to climate change and reach its target of net zero emissions by 2030.

These include proposals to develop a new strategic partnership between SP Energy Networks and Edinburgh City Council which will maximise the benefit of grid investment for the city and its citizens.

Guy Jefferson, Chief Operating Officer for SP Energy Networks, said: “We fully support Edinburgh's ambition to become a Net Zero city by 2030 and today's publication of the 2030 Climate Strategy is to be welcomed as it outlines what is required of government, industry and communities to bring about the significant change that is required in this decade.

“As the electricity distribution and transmission operator for Central and Southern Scotland, we take our responsibilities seriously and recognise that we have a key role to play in helping the city of Edinburgh deliver on its ambitious, but achievable, Net Zero target. We will be delighted to develop proposals for a strategic partnership with Edinburgh City Council as it is only through collaboration between government and industry that we can harness the knowledge, skills and resources we need to tackle climate change.

“Net Zero is now the prism through which we take all our business decisions, and that has been a profound change for us. It’s one of the key drivers of our decision to become a Principal Partner of the COP26 global climate change conference, which is taking place in Scotland later this year. By working with our city partners in Edinburgh we can deliver the cleaner, greener and better future we all want, quicker.”

Councillor Adam McVey, Leader of Edinburgh City Council, said: “In the year that Scotland hosts COP26, the world’s eyes will be on Scotland, and on Edinburgh as its capital and we want to ensure this leaves a legacy of action to address the climate emergency.

“This strategy calls on all our businesses, public sector organisations, industries, citizens and community to act now to tackle their carbon footprint

“Importantly it also lays out how we can and will come together as a city to collaborate on action at the scale and pace we need to get to net zero by 2030 including our strategic partnership with SP Energy Networks which will ensure investment in the city’s grid has maximum benefit for our infrastructure plans and for businesses and residents alike.

“This strategy aims to create the right conditions to unlock the opportunities that climate action presents, creating jobs and a more sustainable economy while we preserve the city for future generations.”

The Climate Strategy, which follows on from the Council declaring a climate emergency in 2019, focuses on creating the right policy, regulatory and infrastructure conditions in the city to support net zero behaviour change.

It also lays out key areas where collaboration and partnership will be supported to deliver on Edinburgh’s climate targets.

And it further outlines how people, communities and organisations in Edinburgh can be supported and encouraged to take climate action – and stresses the need for everyone to work together to invest in a better future for the city.

If the draft strategy is approved, a twelve-week online public consultation will kick off on Monday 14 June, seeking views from people and organisations all over the city on the draft strategy and on actions residents and businesses can take to tackle climate change.


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