Edinburgh College launches Renewables and Energy Efficiency Training Centre


Edinburgh College has officially opened a new Renewables and Energy Efficiency Training Centre aimed at helping people save energy in their homes, thanks to funding from our Green Economy Fund.

The new facility will see students, apprentices and industry professionals learn how to use cutting edge equipment and develop skills required to build low energy homes, and to modify existing homes to become more energy efficient.

Equipment featured in the new centre includes: ground source heat pumps, air source pumps, solar thermal systems, rainwater and greywater harvesting, SIPS eco panels, underfloor heating systems, and latest gas appliance condensing boiler technology supplied by Worcester Bosch.

The focus for the centre is to train students and apprentices in these technologies, while also supporting those in industry to reskill and upskill, using high-class equipment under the guidance of Edinburgh College lecturing staff.

The centre has been funded by SP Energy Networks’ Green Economy Fund and managed via the Energy Skills Partnership (ESP). In order to manage the project, ESP established the Energy Efficiency Training Network comprising of nine colleges to launch new training centres across Scotland.

Edinburgh College Vice Principal, Jonny Pearson, said: “It’s a privilege to open our new Renewables and Energy Efficiency Training Centre at our Granton Campus.

“The centre will provide students, apprentices and those within the supply chain with access to a state-of-the-art place to learn new and existing technologies. It is incumbent on us as one of Scotland’s largest colleges to play our part in ensuring those in industry can embed these skills early in their careers, understand them and start to use them to build houses for the future – helping the nation to move towards net zero.

“Our thanks go to SP Energy Networks, Energy Skills Partnership, Worcester Bosch and other partners for the support in creating this new facility.”

Jillian Violaris, Green Economy Fund Manager at SP Energy Networks, said: “Edinburgh College’s new Renewables and Energy Efficiency Training Centre will support the skills needed to help the country achieve net zero emissions. Rapid change will be needed across the nation in the coming years and the new training hub will support the development of the next generation of green experts that will deliver it.

“When establishing the Green Economy Fund, it was clear that delivering clean energy transition in our communities would require a future workforce with the right skills, that’s why education plays a vital role in the move to a low carbon economy.”



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