Integrated e-cargo bike delivery and food waste service to save 165 tons of carbon


SoulRiders, Scotland’s first integrated e-cargo bike delivery and food waste service, has revealed it has saved nearly 7 tons of carbon from vans and cars since launching its zero-emissions service in Glasgow last year.

The project has a target to save an estimated 165 tons of carbon over the next three years to help improve Glasgow’s air quality. Thanks to an award of over £140,000 from SP Energy Networks’ Green Economy Fund to purchase the 5 e-cargo bikes in August 2020, the Glasgow based innovator has now made ‘last mile’ deliveries to over 118 food initiatives and travelled an estimated distance of 180km.

‘Last mile’ delivery services are drop-offs within your local area. With multiple stops they are often the most expensive and polluting as they are usually made by small diesel vans contributing to congestion, poor air quality and climate change. The SoulRiders e-cargo bikes provide a solution to these traffic and pollution issues in Glasgow by reducing the number of delivery vehicles on the streets and helping the city on its journey to become the UK’s first Net Zero city.

SP Energy Networks is part of the ScottishPower group, a Principal Partner for the United Nations climate change conference (COP26) which will be held in Glasgow later this year. The e-cargo bikes were funded by SP Energy Networks’ £20million Green Economy Fund, which supports Glasgow’s mission to become the UK’s first Net Zero emissions city by 2030 and the Scottish Government’s ambitious plans to meet climate change targets.

SoulRiders’ vision is to create a stronger, healthier and more active community through cycling. The community-led organisation aims to continue to tackle social issues such as food poverty and is currently making zero-emission deliveries for ‘MILK Café’s Work From Home Lunches’, a social enterprise set up to empower and support refugee and migrant women living in Glasgow. 

Rashid Khaliq, Chief Executive, SoulRiders, said: “Thanks to funding from the Green Economy Fund, the project is not only reducing carbon emissions and combatting air pollution in the city but also, providing an accessible solution to businesses and communities to tackle climate change. The e-cargo bikes are great way to remind our communities that we are in a climate emergency as well as inspiring others to do what they can to help.

“In addition to tackling climate change, the project will also be supporting New Scots (refugees and asylum seekers) by transporting surplus good food to food share initiatives. We hope that the project can give the people of Glasgow some pride that their city is already taking steps to a net-zero future.”

Scott Mathieson, Network Planning and Regulation Director at SP Energy Networks, said: “SoulRiders' electric fleet has enabled them to play a part in improving the city’s air quality and supporting the local community. It has a brilliant blueprint for developing new green solutions to meet the needs of local people and businesses in Glasgow.

“SoulRiders has an innovative ‘last mile’ model that could be applied in other communities across the country. With the UN COP26 climate summit coming to Glasgow, this project is a standout example of how we can make the city cleaner and green through community action.”

The Green Economy Fund has supported and enabled 35 projects across Central and Southern Scotland.To find out more about the fund and the projects it supports, please click here 


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