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SPEN hosts debate on net zero carbon emissions


We brought together the country's top energy experts, policymakers and influencers for a debate on the race to net-zero carbon emissions and the infrastructure, regulation and policy required to deliver on the Scottish Government’s ambitious green targets.

Earlier this year, the Government passed legislation committing Scotland to becoming a net-zero society by 2045 – five years before the rest of the UK. For this to happen, it will be essential for widespread investment across national and local government alongside the growth of Scotland’s green economy.

We hosted experts from across Government, energy regulator Ofgem and business leaders from Scotland’s most innovative green projects to discuss the green opportunities and challenges facing our country.

From the introduction of infrastructure for electric vehicles and low-carbon heating, to the education of a renewables workforce and establishing low emission zones, the debate explored how the country can achieve its goals and ensure that no community in Scotland is left behind.

Much of the technology required to deliver on net-zero targets already exists but it will require significant investment from the public and private sector to roll it out across Scotland. We have already committed £20million through the Green Economy Fund to kick-start the country’s most innovative projects that will grow Scotland’s green economy.

We recently launched ‘Zero Carbon Communities’ – the first detailed roadmap to show how communities can play their part in reaching the UK’s net-zero targets, as the country transitions to an electric future. In the coming months, we will reveal detailed plans for Glasgow, Edinburgh, Fife and Dumfries & Galloway.

Frank Mitchell, Chief Executive of SP Energy Networks, said: “Scotland is at the forefront of the race to net-zero carbon emissions and plans to get there quicker than anywhere else in the world.

“To succeed, it’s essential for the right infrastructure, investment, regulation and policy to be in place. We need policymakers and business leaders to invest in the technologies, training and implementation programmes to prepare now for the future.

“With that in place, we will boost Scotland’s green economy and help our country get to net-zero before anyone else. Today’s discussion is important because net-zero benefits our communities, our country and our planet.”

We are also playing our part through ongoing investment in electricity infrastructure, trialling solutions for public electric vehicle charging, and working with our parent company ScottishPower on the provision of ground-breaking infrastructure to make Glasgow the UK’s first ‘net zero’ city.

Last year, ScottishPower became the first integrated energy company in the UK to shift completely from coal and gas generation to wind power – becoming 100% green.

The Green Economy Fund was established by SP Energy Networks in 2018 to support projects that will ultimately help the Scottish Government in reaching its green targets, which aim to boost local economic growth, improve air quality in our cities and deliver a better future, quicker for our communities.

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