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Our centralised ANM platform is now live


We are delighted to share that our new Centralised Active Network Management (ANM) Platform is now live in our SP Distribution license area, with the first new customer now connected under the scheme. 

The implementation of this scalable system means we are now able to offer customers ANM connections from two of our Constraint Management Zones (CMZs) in Dunbar and Newton Stewart. 

Our networks are at the heart of the UK's Net Zero ambitions, with access to UK electricity networks increasingly seen as a barrier to connect new renewable generation and low carbon technologies. In order to facilitate faster connections, innovative solutions like Active Network Management are becoming more critical as they allow us to connect ahead of conventional reinforcement solutions. 

Glenchamber ANM

So, what is ANM? 

Active Network Management is a distributed control system that continually monitors the limits in a given area of the network and then allocates the maximum amount of capacity to customers in that area. These systems operate in real-time and monitor inputs, outputs, network flows and voltages to key points within the controlled zone. If the network is approaching limits, the ANM controller instructs actions to be taken to mitigate any risks. 

We have already delivered successful trials of our ANM solution in Dunbar. That trial not only enabled the accelerated connection of renewables in the area, but also delivered job creation, cost savings and significant community benefits. You can read more about that trial in Regen's Dunbar ANM Economic Report. 

Building on this early work, we are now rolling out further constraint management zones (CMZs) which are more sophisticated and have far greater functionality as part of our RIIO-ED1 and RIIO-ED2 investment plans. With our new central system live, we can facilitate a further 12 CMZs across our SP Distribution license area between now and the end of the next price control period, with the next two due to be deployed within the next four months. Roll out of this system in our SP Manweb license area is also underway, with a further 16 CMZs due to go live before the end of 2028. 

What does it mean for our customers?

As each CMZ goes live, customers seeking to connect in that area will be able to apply for a Curtailed Connection, connecting ahead of traditional reinforcement with the condition that their export or import may be restricted at times of high network loading. From the 1st of April 2023 these customers will also be provided with a Curtailment Limit, receiving a Curtailment Payment if this limit is exceeded in a 12 month period, this will provide connecting customers with greater certainty over the financing of their project(s). 

With our central system in place for SP Distribution and currently being deployed in our SP Manweb license area we can start to accelerate the deployment of CMZs, providing more of our customers with the opportunity to connect under ANM, accelerating their connections and supporting the transition to Net Zero. 


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