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Partnering with ERMCO to help meet UK net zero ambitions


Today we've announced a new partnership on our innovative LV Engine project, supporting the accelerated uptake of low carbon technologies and ultimately driving delivery against UK Government net zero targets. 

We’ve announced today that we are partnering with ERMCO - a leading global manufacturer of distribution transformers and other electrical distribution solutions – on our innovative LV ENGINE project designed to deliver a smarter grid with a lower carbon footprint.

The £8.3m flagship project, funded via Ofgem’s Network Innovation Competition (NIC), will demonstrate how smart transformers allow more agile management of the electricity network, and how integration of existing grid infrastructure with the increased uptake of low carbon technologies (such as wind turbines and electric vehicles) can ultimately help realise net zero ambitions.The smart transformer solution will be provided by ERMCO’s Gridbridge power electronics technology, and we are currently looking at roll out opportunities across our distribution network. This new type of grid asset will combine the power management capabilities of a traditional transformer with cutting-edge intelligent control technology.  When integrated with existing grid assets, smart transformers will allow increased grid capacity, deliver new DC services and ultimately increase grid resilience.

Colin Taylor, our Director of Process and Technology said, “As our nation strives to tackle the current climate emergency and to deliver against net zero targets, we need to find smarter, more agile ways to manage the increased demand that creates across our electricity network. By partnering with ERMCO, we’re preparing for the wider roll-out of electric vehicles and other low carbon technologies by identifying innovative solutions that will start to set a new standard for the utilities industry.”

Chad Eckhardt, President of GridBridge, said: “In a short time, we’ve been able to demonstrate how our team can successfully transform innovation into valuable products and solutions that can be deployed across the electricity grid. We are delighted to be working with SP Energy Networks to deliver its vision for a smarter more efficient grid for its customers.”

ERMCO’s CEO, Bill Reffert, said: “We’ve long believed that smart transformers will play a critical role within modern electrical networks and are pleased to be expanding our existing relationship with Iberdrola via their SP Energy Networks organisation in the UK.”

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and we are committed to supporting the UK’s efforts to decarbonise many aspects of our modern lifestyles. We recognises that increasing the availability of low carbon technologies like electric vehicles, electric heating, and low voltage DC supply on top of existing grid assets requires investment in innovative grid management solutions. Our LV Engine project will demonstrate how utilities can cost effectively shift to low carbon operations while still maintaining the security and stability of supply, and ultimately enabling the zero carbon communities of tomorrow.

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