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Rewilding at Hawkshaw Native Woodland


Insight into our the work at the Hawkshaw Native Woodland project and how our investment has supported rewilding, greenhouse gas removal and wildlife protection activities on site.

At SP Energy Networks, we are absolutely committed to our carbon impact in line with what the latest climate science shows is needed to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement and limit global warming to 1.5°C. We have set validated Science Based Targets and continue to work towards reducing our direct and indirect emissions. However, we recognise that we must also start removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere - to ensure for emissions which we currently cannot feasibly reduce. 

The vision at Hawkshaw - a woodland in the Scottish Borders, managed by Borders Forest Trust - is to restore rough grazing land into native woodland, creating an important refuge for wildlife and an area of amenity for local people. The growth of native trees will remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. As the focus is on rewilding rather than commercial foresting, carbon will remain 'locked in' as the woodland matures. 

SP Energy Networks Hawkshaw 1

Through our work to consider the impact on the local environments we operate in and to reduce or negate that wherever possible, we have worked with Forest Carbon Limited to deliver a pilot project at Hawkshaw - which will provide vital habitats for local wildlife and remove approximately 800 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in the next 100 years.

Our Sustainability Specialist, Steven Vallance, said: "We recognise the huge role operational businesses like ours have to play in building a sustainable future for our communities, which is why we're driving specific goals and commitments in this area across our own business and supply chain. We have a sustainability strategy that underpins all of our business commitments, and with plans to invest £146m across our network in the coming years to reduce the environmental impact, we will continue to support local communities with projects and initiatives like rewilding, which will remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and create habitats for local wildlife. 

"It's exciting and rewarding to be able to work with industry experts like Forest Carbon Limited and charities like the Borders Forest Trust, in order to support and advocate for rewilding and nature-based solutions. Partnerships like this are necessary to deliver our ambitious commitments to build a truly sustainable network, and it's great to see some of those benefits coming to fruition at Hawkshaw."

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Check out the video below from Steven’s recent visit to Hawkshaw with our Chief Operating Officer, Guy Jefferson, George Hepburne Scott from Forest Carbon Limited, and landowner, Neil Moffat:



Read more on our sustainability commitments in our dedicated strategy: 

SP Energy Networks Sustainable Business Strategy


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