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ScottishPower Warns Of The Dangers Of Tampering With Power Lines Following Weekend Incidents In Mynytho


Engineers from ScottishPower Energy Networks have issued a warning about tampering with power lines, following two incidents in the Mynytho area over the weekend that were lucky not to result in injuries.

In one incident, a CD player and wires were found to have been thrown over an overhead power line. Just a few miles away a rope wire was discovered across a power line. Both incidents happened on Sunday 21st July, and involved 11,000 volt overhead power lines.

Tony Bainbridge, Operations Manager for Wales with ScottishPower Energy Networks, said: “Our engineers were concerned to discover these acts of vandalism over the weekend. Both of the power lines targeted carry 11,000 volts of electricity, and any contact at all with high voltage lines like this can be fatal. These incidents are extremely reckless, and it is just down to luck that nobody has been injured.

“As well as the obvious dangers to those carrying out the vandalism, this kind of thoughtless behaviour can also result in the loss of electricity supplies to nearby homes and businesses. Again, it is just luck that these incidents didn’t result in loss of supplies. It also places our engineers in unnecessary danger when they are required to remove debris from the lines.

“We would encourage anyone who spots suspicious behaviour beside power lines to either contact the Police, or to report the matter to us directly on 0845 273 4444.”

ScottishPower Energy Networks has reported the incidents over the weekend to the Police, and has carried out a number of extra inspections of power lines in the area.

Media Information: ScottishPower Press Office, 0141 614 4660

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