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SP Energy Networks launches Heart Radio Campaign


This week, SP Energy Networks launched an exciting campaign on Heart Radio to help our customers remember our new Power Cuts & Emergency telephone numbers. 

As part of the campaign, we have commissioned research that highlights many people have trouble remembering telephone numbers. To help people remember our new hotline numbers we have launched a ‘Memory Energiser’ competition to find the most memorable radio jingle.

People in our network areas can submit their own jingles or karaoke-style sing-along to be in with a chance of winning a brand new iPad Mini and £100 iTunes vouchers.

Over the next two weeks if you tune into Heart Radio you’ll hear our very own pre-recorded jingles promoting the competition.  You will also see an amount of activity on our Social Media pages.

Winter is fast approaching so it is important to get our new telephone numbers out to our customers.

Vicky Kelsall, SP Energy Networks Customer Service Director said: “As we approach the winter, it’s important that people know who to call in the event of a power-related emergency – which could include anything from a loss of supply, to reporting metal theft or substation vandalism. The hotline gives people support around the clock, 24-hours a day seven days per week. If a customer calls us with an emergency we can fix the problem quicker and our expert staff can give you guidance on what to do until the fault is sorted. As well as the new landline and mobile hotlines, our team also respond to tweets via @SPEnergyNetwork.”

The competition is open to everyone and you can hear the jingles and enter at

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