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Stay safe with Adams safety advice


YouTube star and TV presenter, Adam Beales, has shared his top tips to help keep children safe while exploring the great outdoors.

Adam Beales

The safety videos will be posted over the coming days on our social media channels and website. Adam’s top tips are:

  • Make sure everyone you’re with understands the danger from overhead lines. They are dangerous!
  • Avoid setting up a tent under, or close to, an overhead powerline
  • Don’t light fires underneath overhead powerlines
  • Things like kite strings and fishing rods, can conduct electricity – don’t use any of these near or under overhead powerlines. A useful trick is to always ‘Look up!’ for any overhead powerlines when you’re out and about to avoid a massively dangerous situation!
  • Stay out of abandoned buildings and don’t climb pylons, wooden electricity poles or trees near electricity wires. You could get electrocuted!
  • If your kite, balloon or football does touch or get caught in an overhead powerline, never attempt to get it back. Leave it to the experts!
  • If something does go wrong, call the 105 emergency helpline. This will get you help as soon as possible. If anyone is injured, call 999 right away.

You can view all of Adam's videos below.









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