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Two major wind energy projects driving a greener future


This Wind Week (w/c 24th October), we're completing two investment projects that use wind energy to deliver a greener, more sustainable future for all. 

We have connected South Kyle Windfarm to the electricity network through our New Cumnock substation. The windfarm is located to the east of Dalmellington in South Ayrshire, and this connection to the network will help us lead the way towards delivering the Scottish Government's Net Zero emissions targets. 

The new connection was led by our Transmission Major Project Team and will connect 170,000 homes and businesses in the surrounding area to a constant flow of locally generated renewable energy. It will also increase network resilience and support the area's increased energy demands as people switch to greener technologies like electric vehicles and heat pumps. 

Cumberhead and Kyle 2

We also recently completed the construction of the Cumberhead Collector Substation in South Lanarkshire, which will connect two additional windfarms to the electricity transmision network. The substation uses cutting-edge technology that significantly reduced build time and minimises any impact on the environment. 

The substation loops into the existing underground cables from Coalburn substation to Galawhistle substation. Dalquhandy Windfarm is currently feeding energy into the grid with the Cumberhead windfarm to follow shortly, benefitting around 34,000 homes in the area. 

Shijo Vadakkekunnel, Senior Project Manager in our Transmission Major Projects Team, said: "Homes and businesses across South Ayrshire and South Lanarkshire are already benefiting from the new clean energy supply from these connections. Enabling the connection of more windfarms onto our network is really important to help tackle the climate emergency, reduce carbon emissions and increase the UK's energy security. 

"Scotland has been a pioneer in the transition to renewables and our innovations have enabled that rate of change - ultimately, helping us build a better future, quicker, for everyone." 


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