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We are outlining our roadmap for a green and sustainable future


We have set out our vision for delivering a cleaner, greener and more sustainable future for people and planet in our new Sustainable Business Strategy.

As the electricity network operator for central and southern Scotland, Merseyside, North and Mid Wales, Cheshire and North Shropshire we have a vital role to play if the UK is to achieve its climate change targets. Our networks provide the connections and pathways for renewable electricity to travel from where it is generated to power homes and businesses across the country.

This new strategy lays out a series of actions and targets that link to the UN Sustainable Development Goals across five priority themes – climate action, action for nature, circular economy, supply chain sustainability and sustainable society – providing a roadmap for the business to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2035.

Sustainability goals and targets detailed in the strategy include:

  • Elimination of PCB chemicals (polychlorinated biphenyls) from the network by 2025
  • Vast majority (80%) of suppliers meeting enhanced environmental standards by 2026
  • No net loss of biodiversity across our activities by 2028
  • 100% of waste reused or recycled by 2030
  • Fully decarbonised car and van fleets by 2030
  • Being nature positive for direct impacts by 2030
  • Becoming a zero waste business by 2040.

Our CEO Vicky Kelsall said: “Our core business is about enabling the connection of clean energy generation to our network and transporting it to end users and doing that in a way that ensures we have the best interests of people and the planet at heart. It’s only by taking bold and decisive action – and encouraging the same right across our value chain – that we will be able to face the climate emergency head on. This is a pivotal moment and how we take action matters. That means putting sustainability front and centre of all we do and the decisions we make.

“And we’re already walking the walk. We have processes in place to safeguard nature and prevent pollution from our activities; we’ve published our Just Transition Strategy – the first from any UK electricity network company; we’re using innovative digital technology to identify emissions hotspots; we’ve launched our Transmission Net Zero Fund to help communities decarbonise; and we’re piloting biodiversity enhancement projects. Our Sustainable Business Strategy sets out how we will build on all of this to achieve our ambitions for 2040 and deliver a more sustainable future for us all.“

The Independent Net Zero Advisory Council (INZAC) – a group of energy experts created to provide us with input and challenge from industry and academia – was one of the many groups that provided feedback and specialist knowledge in the development of the strategy and will work closely with us to track progress against our targets and ambitions.

Kate Martin Bruintjes, Sustainability Lead for the INZAC, said: “SP Energy Networks has a vital role to play in helping the UK meet its net zero targets; so this is an important new strategy, setting out the business’ sustainability ambitions and how they will be achieved. We all know there is no time to waste if global warming is to be limited to 1.5 degrees, so a clear roadmap with milestones along the way is a crucial part of the picture to help ensure SP Energy Networks stays on course to lead the transition to a cleaner and greener future and help create a more sustainable society.“

Click here to see our Sustainable Business Strategy


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