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We're investing £24M across Ayrshire


Major investment in a number of green energy projects across Ayrshire is helping the region lead the way towards a net zero emissions future.

We're investing around £24 million in our electricity transmission network across the area to futureproof its service ahead of increased uptake of green energy solutions such as electric vehicles (EVs) and heat pumps.

The multi-million-pound investment will connect more wind farms across the region, enable EV charging infrastructure and increase resilience in the network for customers.

£6 million has been invested to upgrade Coylton Substation in East Ayrshire, a key hub in Scotland’s electricity transmission network. The project at the substation involved the replacement of two transformers which will enable energy from wind farms throughout Ayrshire and Dumfries and Galloway to be transported to homes and businesses across central and southern Scotland more efficiently.


Additionally, to increase the robustness of the network in Kilmarnock, we are currently working on a £8.4M refurbishment of Kilmarnock Town Substation, scheduled to be finished in 2024, which will help locals shift towards more environmentally friendly technology.

The major refurbishment of the 9.3km XZ overhead line route, connecting Chipperlaigan compound and Ayr substation, is also underway. Originally built in 1966, this £9.5 million project, set to be completed by the end of 2024, and will also help to increase network capacity ready for a net zero future.

Furthermore, we have recently commenced the installation of an underground cable connection between Enoch Hill Wind Farm and New Cumnock Substation. Upon activation, this wind farm, located near the town of New Cumnock, is poised to generate up to 80 MW of energy, enough to power nearly 100,000 households.

This significant investment in Ayrshire’s energy network will help accelerate the UK’s path to net zero, ensuring the region’s energy network meets modern demands and paves the way for a sustainable future.

Pearse Murray, SP Transmission Director at SP Energy Networks, said: "An exciting transformation is underway in Ayrshire's electricity transmission network, fuelled by an investment nearing £24 million. These upgrades are part of our wider commitment to invest in the transformation of the UK’s electricity grid, firmly positioning it on the path to a cleaner, sustainable energy future.

“By bolstering both the capacity and reliability of the transmission network, we are actively breaking down barriers to the widespread adoption of renewable energy sources. This means smoother operations, fewer interruptions and improved access to efficient energy solutions for homes, businesses and communities alike."

Local contractors and engineers are working on the projects, with Kilmarnock Town Substation and XZ overhead line route scheduled to be completed next year.

These projects align with SP Energy Networks' commitment to ensuring energy security for the UK, supporting job creation, the supply chain, and the broader economy. It will support our communities in the shift towards low-carbon technology and achieving net zero emissions.


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