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132kV Overhead Line Between Legacy and Oswestry

We have submitted an application for consent for the overhead line to the Department of Energy and Climate Change under section 37 of the Electricity Act 1989 (as amended) in April 2009.

Following submission of the application, we have considered the representations made by the relevant planning authorities, statutory consultees and members of the public. In light of these representations, we are proposing a change to the design of the proposed line that will lessen its environmental effects.

Minor changes to the route have also been proposed and a request to vary the application for consent has now been submitted to the Secretary of State. The request has been accompanied by Supplementary Environmental Information in the form of an amended and updated Environmental Statement which supersedes the Environmental Statement that accompanied the application submitted in April 2009.

The amended and updated Environmental Statement gives details of the changes to the design and the route and can be viewed below.

Environmental Statement (August 2012)

Original Documents

The Environmental Statement (vol 1) is available as a PDF download.

The Environmental Statement (vol 2) is available as a PDF download. As this document is somewhat large, we have split it into four parts for easier downloading:



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