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AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard

Our stakeholder engagement is in alignment with AccountAbility’s AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard (2015) which is founded on the principles of:

  • Inclusivity – People should have a say in the decisions that impact them.
  • Materiality – Decision makers should identify and be clear about the sustainability topics that matter.
  • Responsiveness – Organisations should act transparently on material sustainability topics and their related impacts.
  • Impact – Organisations should monitor, measure and be accountable for how their actions affect their broader ecosystems.


The standard is an internationally accepted, principles-based framework and guidance that we use to identify, prioritise and respond to sustainability challenges to improve long-term performance.

It describes:

  • how to establish commitment to stakeholder engagement;
  • how to determine the purpose, scope and stakeholders of the engagement;
  • how to integrate stakeholder engagement with governance, strategy and operations; and
  • the processes that will deliver quality and inclusive engagement practice, and valuable outcomes.

AccountAbility Healthcheck

Every year, we work with AccountAbility to conduct a Healthcheck assessing our stakeholder engagement practices. This involves measuring our performance against each of the core pillars of the A1000SES and industry leading practices.

SPEN consistently demonstrates a strong performance across the six pillars of AA1000SES (2015). In 2023, with a total score of 89%, our organisation lies within the Advanced stage of AccountAbility’s proprietary Stakeholder Engagement Maturity Ladder.

There is a strong and continued commitment to the AA1000 AccountAbility Principles. Stakeholder engagement is incorporated at operational level, and integrated into organisational strategy. SPEN shows continued commitment to planning a variety of engagements throughout the year, to meet its evolving stakeholder needs.
- (AccountAbility Stakeholder Engagement Healthcheck Scorecard, 2023)

Enhancing our Approach

At SPEN, we continusously strive to develop and progress our approach to stakeholder engagement. Working with AccountAbility helps us to identify areas for learning and improvement, developing our skills and expertise to deliver meaningful engagement.



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