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ADMD calculator - LCT Ready Housing Developments

This calculator has been collaboratively designed by SPEN & SSEN to help our customers better estimate the required loads from housing developments, both new and existing, in terms of After Diversity Maximum Demand (ADMD).

One of the key benefits of the tool is allowing customers to incorporate the effects of major LCTs from the “home of the future”. These being Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers and low carbon forms of heating.

This ADMD figure drives the amount of capacity required and should make the quotation process for required works easier and more accurate. 

Version 1 of the tool is for developments of 20 houses or more where the feeder will be sufficiently diverse. It is our intention to add functionality for less than 20 customers in future as well as incorporating other technologies.

The tool has been designed using a diverse evidence portfolio of live trial projects, academic research, technical datasheets from LCT manufacturers and monitoring data, amongst others.

“User guide” and “Assumptions” tabs accompany the tool for ease of use. This tool has been designed for use on desktop computers / laptops with sufficient screen size and is not optimised for mobile devices. Hence, we strongly suggest using the tool on a desktop / laptop PC.

Simply click the button to download the tool to get started!


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