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Agricultural Safety


If you are planning on cutting silage, spreading slurry, cutting back hedgerows or any other agricultural task, please be aware of our electricity network.



Tips for staying safe -

  • Select your machinery and equipment carefully so that you do not come into contact with overhead lines
  • Always know the height of the equipment you are operating and the height of any overhead lines on your farm
  • Always inform staff and contractors of suitable routes to use where there is no need to pass under overhead lines
  • Never approach fallen or broken conductors even if they don’t appear live, these can remain live or be remotely re-energised at any second.
  • Remember, you don’t have to come into direct contact with overhead lines, electricity can jump gaps in certain atmospheric conditions.
  • Plan storage areas carefully, never stacking anything directly under or in close proximity to overhead lines.
  • In farmyards/farm land avoid building up the ground around overhead lines as it may compromise the safety clearance
  • Always carry your mobile phone in case you do need to contact SP Energy Networks or the emergency services.

Remember, if you do come into contact with an overhead line, follow our safety advice in the video and exit the vehicle if you have to. Never return to a vehicle to retrieve anything until SP Energy Networks have confirmed the network not live.


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