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Application for Development Consent Order

Following the application for the Development Consent Order (DCO) for the Proposed Development being submitted on 12th November 2018 to the Major Applications and Plans Directorate at the Planning Inspectorate, the application was formally accepted on 10th December 2018.

The next stage is for SP Manweb, the applicant in this case, to publish notice of this and to invite comments from interested parties over the next 6 weeks until 1st February 2019. A copy of the notice published in national and local newspapers can be viewed below.

The Proposed Development includes the following elements:

  • Works within the boundary of the existing SP Manweb Substation at Oswestry including underground cable and the installation of electrical switchgear and associated equipment;
  • Approximately 1.2km of 132kV underground cable between Oswestry Substation and a 132kV terminal structure at Long Wood (SJ 31132 29877);
  • Approximately 21.3km of 132kV of overhead line supported by Trident wood poles from the terminal structure at Long Wood (SJ 31132 29877) to the existing SP Manweb Substation at Wem; and
  • Works within the existing SP Manweb Substation at Wem including the installation of a new 132kV to 33kV transformer.

The Proposed Development also includes work to facilitate the new electrical circuit including:

  • Undergrounding six short sections of existing SP Manweb lower voltage overhead lines in order to ensure safe electrical clearance for the new overhead line; and
  • Temporary works required for the construction of the new overhead line including seven temporary laydown areas, welfare unit, security cabin, access tracks, vegetation clearance and reinstatement planting.

Progress on the application can be viewed on the Planning Inspectorate’s project website at:



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