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Accelerating Renewable Connections (ARC) is an exciting initiative to help new green energy projects connect to the local power network earlier by working with local communities and electricity consumers.

Accelerating Renewable Connections (ARC)

Accelerating Renewable Connections (ARC)

ARC will help communities develop ways of using locally produced energy, allowing generators to produce more and helping all parties benefit from reduced costs.

The project is led by SP Energy Networks working in partnership with Community Energy Scotland, Smarter Grid Solutions and the University of Strathclyde.

Together, we are trialling Active Network Management (ANM) — a system which allows us to connect new generators to the power network more quickly and cheaply where previously the network was believed to be at fully capacity. ARC has been launched in the East Lothian and Borders region of our electricity distribution network – an area of 2,700 square kilometres stretching from North Berwick down to Holy Island, and inland as far as Hawick and Galashiels.

The project is now looking for potential renewable energy schemes in the region so it can work with developers and communities to identify the best places to connect. By matching local customers to local generators, costs can be reduced and everyone benefits.

To discuss your requirement with the project team, please email

Closedown & ARC Learning Reports

The text would read:  We are pleased to be able to make available for further research and analysis the Closedown report for this project, please click here, and should you wish further information our ARC learning reports are available by clicking here.

Our ARC brochures are available to view using the links below:

Project Films

ARC Project films are available to view using the links below:

ARC Project Commercial Mechanisms and Constraint Analysis Workshop March 2016

ARC Project Ruchlaw Mains ANM PV Project

ARC Project BHA PV Project

ARC Project Bowhill Estate VPW Project


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