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Audio Transcript: Customer Load Management Scheme

The text below is the transcript from the Smart Charging Connections: Customer Load Management Scheme video.

Video Title: Customer Load Management Scheme

A customer load management scheme is ideal for public or workplace locations that have a dedicated connection to the electricity network.

For example, a supermarket that provides charging facilities in its car park.

The electricity supply to the chargepoints is controlled by the supermarket and based on the available capacity of their connection.

The supermarket allows vehicles to charge at maximum power as long as its capacity limit is not exceeded.

As more vehicles charge and the load in the store increases, the supermarket’s electricity supply reaches its capacity limit.

At this point, the supermarket’s load management scheme automatically instructs the charging hub to lower its power demand.

Power output at the chargepoints decreases.

When the load management scheme detects that demand from both the store and the chargepoints has dropped below its capacity limit, a signal from the charging hub automatically returns the chargepoints to maximum power.


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