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Audio Transcript: LV Engine

The text below is the transcript from the 'LV Engine' video.

The traditional energy landscape of our network is changing rapidly.

We now generate and distribute electricity very differently from the past, particularly as we move towards the Governments net zero targets.

We recognise the need to facilitate this Low Carbon Future and are preparing our Low Voltage network for the rapid uptake of Low Carbon Technologies such as electric vehicles, electric heating and photovoltaics.

The impact of this change will be an additional strain on our low voltage network, resulting in reduced quality of supply and overheating assets.

To avoid the unprecedented costs and time-consuming replacement of these traditional assets, the network of the future needs an intelligent solution such as smart transformers.

LV Engine is a flagship innovation project funded by Ofgem’s Network Innovation Competition.

It will carry out a globally innovative network trial of Smart Transformers within our LV distribution system.

A Smart Transformer consists of two main elements, a solid-state transformer and a smart control solution.

The combination of these technologies will provide additional functionality, which traditional transformers are unable to deliver.

The smart control system within the transformer recognises where capacity can be shared between itself and other transformers on the network, this will maximise the capacity of our existing network, allowing additional low carbon assets to be connected.

Smart meters will provide information to the smart transformers, optimising the voltage of the network and improving the quality of supply.

To support the drive to net zero, these Smart transformers will facilitate the introduction of a LV DC supply.

This will enable direct connection of DC powered technology such as Electric Vehicles or LED street lighting without incurring the losses associated with AC to DC conversion, easing the strain on our distribution network.

Our LV Engine project will make our LV network more flexible, adaptable and ready for our low carbon future.

Successful demonstration and subsequent rollout will return significant value back to our customers.

Delivering a better future, quicker.

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