Audio Transcript: Project PACE

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The electrification of the transport network in Scotland is critical to the move to net zero.

So we're here today at Strathclyde Country Park

to launch our first hub for Ev chargers across Lanarkshire.

Project Pace is a unique project it's the first of it's kind in the UK and potentially across Europe.

Where the electricity network company is leading the deployment of electric vehicle charging hubs.

What we want to do is to make sure that we're providing as broad a range of charging infrastructure to support people in the transition from petrol and diesel cars to hybrid and electric vehicles

We’ve got lots of areas that we really need to extend electric points to if we are to involve everyone from all of our areas.

We don't want this to be an elitist thing, this has to be involved with all of our Communities.

We’ve selected sites at community hubs which means they're open to the whole of society and they’re in areas that can serve across North & South Lanarkshire and can serve the whole population of North and South Lanarkshire.

It gives us as a council an opportunity to get these chargers into the most deprived areas, as well as into shopping centres and town centres so having more charging points in a rural community will allow more people to take the chance to try out electric vehicles and find out how much more useful and  how much cleaner they are.

So today I’m also delighted to be able to announce that we are contributing £1.2 million from our Green Economy Fund to community transport organisations across Lanarkshire.

The Rural Development Trust was set up in 2004 so we’re fortunate enough to make an application to the Green Economy Fund and got awarded £343,000 for a combination of vehicles, battery storage, and PV on the roof of a new garage that we’re building as well So the partnership in my view is absolutely critical to realising our ambition of being able to get to the point, by 2032, that we no longer have to have people purchasing new diesel and petrol vehicles and are able to move to electric vehicles and i’m delighted by the progress we’ve made over the course of the last year alone.



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