Audio transcript: Short Power Outage Detailed

The text below is the transcript from the Short Power Outage Detailed video. An audio-described version of the video is also available.

VO: Occasionally, SP Energy Networks may need to disconnect the flow of power to your property or business for a very short period of time. We understand this is inconvenient. There are several reasons why we do this - mostly, it is to allow work to be undertaken safely by our staff, or to test, inspect, or maintain or replace a piece of equipment. This could be replacing a piece of equipment called a sectionaliser or smart fuse. These are used in rural locations to improve the reliability of the power supply. A smart fuse uses electronics to work out exactly where a fault is on the power network. It then isolates the faulty section, allowing the other sections to remain energized and your power to be on. Smart fuses need to be replaced on a periodic basis to ensure they operate as they are designed to do. These are replaced with new units before we refurbish them and redeploy them elsewhere. We tried to keep any interruptions as short as possible. Thank you for your patience.



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