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Audio Transcript: Timed Capacity Connection

The text below is the transcript from the Smart Charging Connections: Timed Capacity Connection video.

Video Title: Timed Capacity Connection

A timed capacity connection is the simplest charging scheme. It’s ideal for locations where demand is consistent and predictable such as residential developments.

The chargepoint operator controls the chargepoints, pre-programming them to reduce their power output during periods of peak demand.

The DNO defines these periods of peak demand – including their time and duration – at connection…

In this example, vehicles are able to charge at maximum power outside of the peak demand period. At this time of day the residential electricity supply can accommodate this level of charging demand, even as more vehicles return home and residential demand begins to increase, charging can still take place at maximum power.

When the designated period of peak demand begins, the chargepoints’ electricity supply is automatically constrained in order to ease the load on the residential supply.

As with all Smart Charging Connections, the level of constraint at individual chargepoints is controlled by the chargepoint operator.

As residential demand reduces, and the period of peak demand ends, the chargepoints return to maximum power.



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