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Audio Transcript:We're here for you

The text below is the transcript from the We're here for you video.

Video Title: We're here for you

We know things are very different for you right now, and that you need our services now more than ever.

We have one of the most reliable electricity networks in the world, but we’re not sitting back.

We’re inspecting hundreds of miles of power lines and towers from the air and the ground and have an army of frontline teams focusing on critical work to keep the power on for your homes and businesses.

We’re bolstering critical supplies to hospitals and other vital service providers; minimising interruptions and completing essential work out of hours where we need to.

And we’re supporting vital new services by strengthening the power supply in those areas.

We’ll always do all we can to look after our vulnerable customers and that hasn’t stopped.

That’s why we’re working with partner organisations and local charities to help them continue the fantastic work they already do.

We’re working hard to keep you connected to your work, your family and friends by making sure your electricity is always on.

So if you see us out and about, it’s because the work we’re doing is critical.

We know things are challenging right now, with big changes and many of your lives on hold, but we’re doing all we can to keep you safe and warm.

So, thank you. To our colleagues, our partners, the country’s key workers and of course...  you.

We’re in this together, and we’re here for you



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