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Preparing for a Power Cut

Unfortunately, interruptions to the electricity supply are sometimes unavoidable. However, at SP Energy Networks, we do our utmost to prepare you for a power cut, whether planned or unexpected.

Here's a short video on what you can do to be prepared:


Keep the following items within easy reach when preparing for a power outage:

  • A torch with charged batteries or a wind up dynamo torch. You can also buy battery-powered lights that plug into a power socket and come on automatically during a power cut.
  • Candles - these are useful but be careful where you put them and keep them out of the reach of children.
  • At least one phone that doesn't run off of the mains supply; i.e. an analogue telephone or mobile.
  • A fully charged power bank, so you may be able to receive updates on the incident via your mobile phone.
  • A battery-powered radio and fresh batteries, as you may be able to receive updates on the incident.
  • A warm blanket.
  • Portable heaters - they act as a good alternative to heating systems which often don’t work during a power cut. However, take care where you put them and never leave children alone with them.

Many service stations can't pump fuel during a power failure so it’s a good idea to keep your vehicle's fuel tank at least half-full. Also, be sure you know how to use the manual option on electric garage doors and gates.

Planned Interruptions

We may need to switch your power off for a short time to replace or repair old or damaged equipment. We will write to you giving the date and times of the planned interruption and aim to give you at least five days' notice to help you prepare for any power outage. If you need more information or advice, get in touch via the contact details on our website or using the phone number at the top of our letter. Alternatively you can view further information and helpful tips.

In order to provide you with the best possible service and to keep you as updated as possible during any periods of supply interruption, it's important we have the correct contact details for you. Please take a few minutes to update your details here.

Emergency Power Cuts

If we have an extreme shortage of electricity National Grid Electricity System Operator (NGESO) - which is responsible for balancing energy supply and demand and ensuring there is enough electricity generated to power all homes and businesses - may deem it necessary to instruct SP Energy Networks and other network operators to implement emergency power cuts.

Whilst there are currently no power cuts planned, we have put together some information on what this might mean for you and what you can do to prepare. Visit our Emergency Power Cuts webpage for more information.

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