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Blackcraig and Margree Wind Farm Connection

This Project will provide the link between the windfarms at Blackcraig and Margree and the substation called New Cumnock on the outskirts of Dalmellington. The New Cumnock substation will provide a link to the wider grid in southern Scotland.

This Project will be delivered alongside the Southwest Scotland Connection Project.

The grid connection comprises three separate elements:

Part A

Constructing a new 132kV wood pole overhead line between Blackcraig substation and Margree substation. Construction of Blackcraig substation and a 33kV underground cable between Blackcraig windfarm and Blackcraig substation

Part B

Construction of new 132kV

wood pole overhead line between Margree substation and Dalshangan Sealing End Compound. Construction of Margree substation and Dalshangan Sealing End Compound.

132kV underground cable between the overhead line and Dalshangan Sealing End Compound.

Part C

Construction of a new 132kV steel lattice tower line between New Cumnock substation and Dalshangan Sealing End Compound. Decommissioning of 32km of existing N-Route which will be delivered after construction of all of the above elements.

Associated Works

As a consequence of the development of the Project, the felling of commercial forestry will be required to physically construct the overhead lines, underground cables and substations and also to maintain the required clearances for safe construction and maintenance of the overhead lines. 

Contact Information

Community Liaison ‐ 0751 646 1129
Media Enquiries: ScottishPower Press Office ‐ 0141 614 4535

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