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Branxton Substation

The new substation at Branxton will enable connections for proposed offshore generation and the Eastern Link project via the proposed converter station at Oxwell Mains. Underground cables will link these two projects to Branxton substation.

Below is a 3D flythrough model of our substation plans and we have also attached more information about our plans.  

SP Energy Networks submitted a planning application for the Branxton substation in December 2021. There have been a number of changes to the project since the application was submitted. Those changes are set out here.

Branxston Substation Before 3D Model

Branxston Substation After 3D Model


To reduce the amount of soil and rock that would need to be removed from the site the platform has been split into two tiers. For more information, you can read our Consultation Leaflet here.

Branxton Substation Planning Application Documents

SP Energy Networks have submitted a planning application to East Lothian Council to construct a new 400kV substation at Branxton, East Lothian. Folloiwng submission of the application in 2023 some minor amendments have been made to the drainage design associated with the substation platform. This has meant that the landscaping plan and photomontages needed to be updated. East Lothian Council also requested that the information currently included in the EIA Traffic and Transport Chapter be reproduced in a Transport Assessment to support the assessment of the Project. Those updated plans and assessments have now been submitted to East Lothian Council and are available on their website.

View details of the Environmental Impact Assessment, associated documents, updated plans and assessments which are part of the planning application on the East Lothian Council website.

The planning application reference is: 22/00616/PM



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