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Can I connect a heat pump to my property?

Yes, you can. In order to install a Heat Pump at your property, you must complete an ENA application form. This can be found by clicking the link below.

Once we have been notified through the ENA form, SP Energy Networks will be in touch to discuss the requirements.

Website: Connecting to the networks (ENA)

Find out more about connecting your low carbon technology in our customer leaflet in English and Welsh.

Connecting your low carbon technology

Cysylltu eich Technoleg Carbon Isel

In the meantime, please look at our short animation that will provide you with further information and advice in relation to the journey to set up your new low carbon Heat Pump at your property.

If you have an issue outside of your property boundary, you can get help by visiting our 'Outside property boundary' pages via the link below:

Outside property boundary

If you have an issue on your land, you can get help by visiting our 'On your land' pages. Please see the link below for further information:

On your land



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